Business Recovery

When you’re at a tipping point in the life cycle of your business or you simply want to cash out, you need expert help.

Working with individuals

Whether you’re struggling financially, facing competitive pressures, dealing with difficult trading conditions or looking to retire, there may be more options than you think.

Our expert restructuring and insolvency team are experienced in supporting directors and stakeholders to assess their situation, explore the full range of options and decide on a realistic course of action – with the ultimate aim of helping you survive, revive and thrive.

Business improvement and recovery

In difficult times, professional support and guidance can make all the difference. If you’re under pressure, we will listen closely and think creatively about how to help you reboot your business or extract shareholder value.

We work together with your management, financial institutions, advisors and other stakeholders to provide effective, workable solutions that will preserve and enhance the viable aspects of your business.

Corporate insolvency and advisory services

Closing down or winding up a business can be a very tough and stressful time. Seeking advice at the earliest stages can ensure that it is done correctly – and give you the greatest chance of implementing a rescue process.

Working with our trusted and valued insolvency partners; our restructuring and insolvency processes, aim to avoid formal insolvency wherever possible. We look to preserve and rescue all or part of your company in order to minimise job losses and liabilities to creditors. Your directors will receive impartial advice around all of the options available and we will work together to find the best solutions in the circumstances.

In many cases, it is possible to write off debts and start again with zero debt. It’s a big reset for your business. Your business can be saved and we can work out a way to save the trade and put it in a new entity completely legally. We can help manage this on your behalf and guide you through the process, ensuring it’s done properly.

Of course, sometimes a formal insolvency procedure is the preferable (or only) route out of your difficulties. Where this is the case, our highly experienced team will help you find the appropriate process for your circumstances and provide expert advice and support throughout.

Our restructuring and insolvency team work throughout the UK in England, Wales and Scotland. Our services include:

– Arrangements and Reconstruction
– Business Improvement
– Moratorium
– Debt Advisory
– Administration
– Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)
– Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL)
– Compulsory Liquidation
– Solvent Company Closure / Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) / Dissolution
– Receiverships (Administrative & LPA)
– Contentious Insolvency & Investigation

Personal insolvency

For individuals in financial difficulty, we offer expert guidance and a sensitive approach.

Whatever the challenges you face, our restructuring and insolvency team will help you find effective, practical solutions to get you out of financial distress. From informal strategies to formal insolvency procedures, our specialist skills and personal, down-to-earth guidance will keep you feeling supported at every step.

Our personal insolvency services, available across England, Scotland and Wales, include:

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
Acting as a trustee in bankruptcy
Personal insolvency advice
Advice on informal personal insolvency measures
Debt Arrangement Schemes, Sequestration (Scotland only)

Solvent company distributions to shareholders

There are many reasons that a solvent company might want to close and return capital to its owners.

Whatever your motivation, our experts can help you get the best result.

Whether you’re facing the natural end of a company’s life, the conclusion of a contract for which the company was expressly formed, outstanding property or assets following the sale of a company or retirement, our team can advise on the most appropriate and effective way to wind up your business whilst realising maximum funds for the shareholders at the optimal tax rates.